Girl in the Flowered Dress, oil on canvas

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Oil on canvas.

This portrait would be a unique and beautiful addition to your home, in keeping with your colour scheme and becoming part of the overall effect of  the room you place it in.  On the other hand, it could be made an unmissable feature and focal point within your interior design.  It's a stunning and versatile painting.

The story behind the painting:

"It is a self portrait.  I absolutely loved the pattern on the dress, I wanted to challenge myself in creating a life size, black and white oil, translating that pattern perfectly, and it is the first thing you notice but on a second, third, look you see the expression, the delicacy of tonal transition in the skin and the detail in the whole portrait." - Artist Hannah Ostapjuk

If you would like to have a look at the portrait before placing your order, please arrange a viewing with Hannah directly via: contact me.

Note: Portrait is framed due to previous exhibitions.

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